Strategic reorientation within WOLF coating & parts GmbH

Feb 3, 2020Company

WOLF coating & parts GmbH closed the plastics production department at the end of December 2019. From this point onwards, the services for injection molding tools, prototype tools and contract spraying will no longer be offered.

With this measure, the company management plans a strategic reorientation within WOLF coating & parts GmbH, in the form of an increased concentration on the core areas of parts production and surface technology. Especially in conjunction with WOLF Werkzeugtechnologie GmbH, we are focusing even more on the areas of machining and metalworking with this step. This bundling of expertise is intended to further optimize the market position of our own products in order to be able to meet increasing customer requirements even more. Against the background of a generally difficult economic situation, we hope that this structural reorientation will result in new growth potential and market opportunities for a more positive future development.