Service solutions

Resharpening service

Resharpening and coating from a single source

Regrinding your tools is good for your company and for the environment. You save money, reduce your stock and prevent material waste.


Regrinding of all VHM and HSS tools


Resharpening of producer specific tools


Reconditioning of hobs and chopping rotors


Regrinding of special tools like brazed carbide tools, turning tools and special turning tools


High quality regrinding of standard tools according to customer specifications


Tool management for regrinding services

Your advantages


Regrinding and coating from a single source


Fast and cost-effective processing


Easy handling because of the WOLF transport boxes with high-quality foam inlays


Pick-up and delivery by our car or UPS service


Reduce your production and tooling costs


Low tool storage because of the fast service

Our efficient tool lifecycle for you

01. Incoming goods

  • Transport service
  • Tool inspection
  • Order processing

We will gladly provide you with our special toolboxes for safe transport free of charge.

02. Digitization

Upon request, we digitize your tool after receipt.
This allows us to retrieve your tool and customer information easily, quickly and accurately at any time in any further processing cycle.

03. Decoating

  • Regardless layer
  • Regardless material
  • Gentle on materials

04. Resharping

  • Standard and special tools according to drawing,
    VHM, HSS, HM plate tool, Cutting tools

Maximum substance conservation through guaranteed validated grinding processes, state-of-the-art machinery and continuous quality controls.

05. Edge preparation

  • Deburring
  • Smooth
  • Rounding

Use of the latest technologies for machining the cutting edge.

06. Coating

  • ARC Technology
  • Sputter Technology
  • All common PVD layers

Re-sharpening and coating from one source!

With our in-house coating center, you benefit from our all-round service.

07. Quality control

  • Measurement methods
  • Transparency
  • Documentation

Through our control, we also ensure you a consistent quality in the regression.

08. Outbound

  • Transport service

You get your tools back in top quality and original performance safely in the WOLF transport box with high quality foam inlays.

Nachschärfservice /
Re-sharpening service

Weltweite Lieferung /
Worldwide delivery