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In wake of current demands for conserving resources and energy effi ciency, modern materials such as titanium alloys, sulfur reduced and high-strength steels, nickel base alloys,(strengthened) polymer and potassium alloys play a crucial role. This is especially true for aerospace and automotive manufacturing, but also applies to other fi elds, such as medical technology. Due to their superior mechanical properties, these materials present huge challenges to the machining process.

WOLF, the costumer oriented technology partner, off ers high-end machining solutions to cope with these specifi c manufacturing issues, all by a single company. Both the high technological understanding of the machining process and the close net-working of development and applications technology make it possible for WOLF to successfully meet the rising demands towards component quality and growing cost pressure through adapted manufacturing concepts.

WOLF has become a recognized technology partner for manufacturing of nickel base and titanium alloy components through years long, intensive cooperation with numerous costumers and leading universities.

This combination of high grinding and machining expertise leads to technologically sensible and economical machining solutions.

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