Special solutions

Beyond standard

Lightweight materials

Lightweight materials such as CFRP or sandwich structures create new demands for machining. New machining strategies, tools and innovative techniques for quality assurance are required. An economical machining is only possible by knowledge of the materials, the machining process and the machine periphery.

High Performance Materials

In wake of current demands for conserving resources and energy efficiency, modern materials such as titanium alloys, sulfur reduced and high-strength steels, nickel base alloys,(strengthened) polymer and potassium alloys play a crucial role.

NovoSys X®
Head changing system

Applications in which extended tools are necessary are a perfect case of operation for that system, i.e. engine housings, car dashboards, forging die tools and so on. Also for multi spindle turning machines and automats this system is suitable very well, because only the head has to be changed.