High end Werkzeuge für Ihre Applikation

Individual special tools

Production of any type of carbide cutting tools as for example high performance drills, milling cutters for HPC, HSC hard machining. We supply customers in the automotive- and automotive supplier industry as well as the aircraft manufacturing and power station manufacturing (turbine production).

High performance drills and end mills

With the WOLF standard drill program a high quality program is available, which covers a large part of the applications in mold and tool construction. Especially in the tool construction WOLF offers a very wide selection of high performance end drills for all related applications.

Micro tools

Requirements towards microtools are increasing. The tools must become smaller, more precise, while costs must be reduced by longer life cycles. Furthermore, the problem arises, that these materials are getting harder to machine. WOLF, the customer orientated technology partner, offers single hand hightech machining solutions to address these manufacturing specific issues.

Stamp and forming tools

WOLF, as a partner in tool and mold making, can look back on 20 years of experience in manufacturing of ready-to-install components according to design specifications. We primarily understand ourselves as a service provider and problem solver, especially where the depth of production of our customers ends.