Tool technology

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Faster, cleaner and more precise. We observe constantly changing requirements in the industry.

And we know the challenges associated with processing of new materials. New technologies in power generation require the development of new materials and machining processes. New technologies challenge conventional approaches to milling and drilling.

Demands to save resources and protect the environment are pushing us to develop more innovative technologies. We offer complete solutions and maximum productivity in the field of machining. We provide you with high-tech machining processes from a single source – from technical support to tool management.

Industry & Engineering

Examples of applications

Turbinenschaufeln /
Turbine blades

Bearbeitung von Hydraulikkomponenten /
Machining of hydraulic components

Bearbeitung der Kolben und Schieberbohrung /
Machining of piston and slide bores

Bearbeitung von Ventil oder Hohlraumbohrungen /
Machining of valve or cavity bores