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Individual, innovative coatings for smooth procedures.

The extensive sector of general machining allows for a multitude of
application fields for the use of PVD coatings. For example, parts and
components used in machining can reach noticeably extended lifecycles by the introduction of abrasion and friction reducing coating systems.

Industry & Engineering

Examples of applications

Getriebeteile / Gear components

  • Reibungsreduzierende Beschichtung von Zahnrädern und anderen Getriebeelementen
  • Friction reducing coating of gear wheels and other gear components

Pumpentechnik / Pump technology

  • Reduzierung von Verschleiß und Reibung für Pumpenkolben
  • Reduction of wear and friction for pump pistons

Hydraulik / Hydraulic

  • Cr-VI freie PVD Schichtsysteme für Hydraulikpumpen und -ventile
  • Cr-Vl free PVD coating systems for hydraulic pumps and valves

Lager / Bearings

  • Beschichtung von Lagerkomponenten für die Reduzierung von Schmierung und Verschleiß
  • Coating of bearing components to reduce lubrication and abrasion