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Our Medical technology services at a glance


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In medical technology more and more application fields are developed for PVD coating use. Next to the obvious coating areas such as instruments for surgery or dental medicine, there are numerous functional coatings used on medical components and devices.

Medical technology


Instrumente / Instruments

  • Beschichtung von Instrumenten für die Chirurgie und die Dentalmedizin
  • Coating of instruments for surgery and dental medicine

Knochensägen und Knochenbohrer / Bone saws and bone drills

  • Verschleißschutzbeschichtung der Werkzeuge
  • Abrasion protective coating for tools

Implantate / Implants

  • Beschichtung medizinischer Implantate für Verschleiß- und Reibungsreduktion
  • Coating of medical implants for reduced wear and low friction

Medizinische Geräte / Medical devices

  • Medizinische Geräte mit verschiedensten Funktionsschichten
  • Medical devices with various functional layers