Tool technology

High-Tech solid carbide tools for automotive


New materials call for new tools and innovative concepts for your applications.

The main focus of the automotive field is set on strict quality, delivery and cost control of all components, as well as a high production output. Alongside increasing structure change, the demand for accelerated research and development is on the rise.

This situation leads to new ways of creating partnerships and cooperations between producers, machine makers and R&D centers. This opens doors throughout the entire industry for new innovations and knowledge transfer. WOLF is the complete systems supplier and technology partner with innovative machining knowhow at the automotive industry’s side.


Examples of applications

Getriebe / Gears

  • Wellen / Transmission shafts
  • Zahnräder / Gear wheels
  • Planetenträger / Planet carrier

Einspritzsysteme / Injection systems

  • Gehäuse / Gearbox Housing
  • Verteilerrohr / Distributor tube
  • Injektoren / Injectors

Turbolader / Turbocharger

  • Lagergehäuse / Bearing Housing
  • Impeller / Impeller

Motor / Engine

  • Motorblock / Engine block
  • Kurbelwellen / Crankshafts
  • Pleuel / Connecting rod
  • Kipphebel / Rocker arm

Komponenten /
Other components

  • Hydrauliksysteme / Hydraulic systems
  • Bremssysteme / Braking systems
  • Radlager / Wheel bearings
  • Klimasysteme / Air conditioning systems