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The coatings that keep things running smoothly - Diamond like Carbon
Your AdvantagesOur DLC Coatings

DLC – the coating for the most demanding applications


DLC coating for components and tools


Economical coating of individual parts and series


No warping due to low coating temperatures (120-200 °C)


Friction reduction and wear protection for moving parts


Electrically conductive or insulating layers possible


Outstanding biocompatibility


Protection against corrosion and other chemical wear


Excellent absorption properties


DLC layer as a design element



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DLC technology

DLC (Diamond-like carbon) coatings are extremely hard diamond-like carbon coatings with excellent chemical and mechanical properties. In the field of thin-film technology, they are a first-class solution for a wide range of cross-industry applications.

DLC coatings can significantly improve the performance and service life of components and other parts. Due to the combination of high microhardness and low coefficient of friction, DLC coatings are predestined for use in tribological systems, i.e. wherever components move relative to each other and wear occurs. DLC coatings are already used extensively in areas such as mechanical engineering, clamping technology, automotive, food production and plastics technology.

Biocompatibility, sterilizability and high light absorption are the most important requirements for surfaces in medical technology. The complexity of analytical devices, surgical instruments and prosthetic components calls for modern coating processes in combination with systematic implementation and customer-oriented process development.

Our DLC coatings

A selection of our DLC coating systems for your requirements

Coating system
Coating material
Coating color
HV 0.05
Reibwert, trocken gegen Stahl/
Friction coefficient
Coating temperature
Max. service temperature

DLC 3000

a-C:Hschwarz / black2.5002-40.1120400

DLC 4000

a-C:Hschwarz / black3.0002-40.05180400

DLC 5000

a-C:Meanthrazit / anthracite2.5002-40.1150400

DLC Black

a-C:Htiefschwarz / deep black3.0002-40.1150400

DLC Demould

a-C:Meanthrazit / anthracite3.0002-40.1150400


a-C:H:Meanthrazit / anthracite1.5002-40.1180400


a-C:Meanthrazit / anthracite1.5002-40.1180400

Coating DLC components

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Coating DLC tools

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Coating DLC tool parts

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