Without origin no future

Like many other companies, we also started in a small way. The first component of the current WOLF group was started in 1985.

Our history in pictures.
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1985 | WOLF Cutting Tools

logo_WWT_kleinWith the establishment of the precision grinding shop the first step of current WOLF group was taken. The Today existing WOLF Werkzeugtechnologie GmbH offers you a complete customer oriented service, from reconditioning up to new tools in all variations.

With entering the new building in 2008 the WOLF tool technology has moved into most modern production rooms offering optimal structures and conditions to provide customers the benefit of shorter lead times.

1997 | WOLF Coatings

logo_WBT_kleinThe performance spectrum of WOLF group was extended by our modern coating centre as an important key technology. We were able now to offer proved and standard coating layers, as well as individually adapted special coating layers. This allows us to provide our customers a huge extension of the product range.

With the movement of the WOLF tool technology into the new Building, the WOLF coating technology was able to double production area and has build up its capacities, drains and structures up to the highest level of coating.

2000 | WOLF Mold- and Tool construction

logo_WFW_kleinWith the WOLF mould and tool construction we offer, thanks to a very modern machinery park, also in the segment of tool-shop the highest standard. Therefore customers of WOLF group can fall back on a unique all-in service worldwide.

2005 | WOLF Tool Technology USA

logo_WWT-USA_kleinAnother step in WOLF history was the take over of the American enterprise Performedge. By this additional purchase it was successful to be present also in the USA and to develop business relations furthermore.

Meanwhile the name of Performedge has been changed into WOLF tool Technology USA.

2006 | Establishing the WOLF Holding GmbH & Co. KG

Establishing the WOLF Holding GmbH & Co. KG as a parent company, in witch the companies of the WOLF group are introduced.

2008 | Neubau für die WOLF Werkzeugtechnologie

img_hist_1With the expansion of the Areal to about 6.500 ms ² and a new production building for WOLF tool technology the newest step was realized. The production area was extended about 2.750 m ² as well as the most modern equipment and supply engineering was integrated.

You are welcome to start up with us and use our increased capacity and our technical progress for your processes.

2012 | WOLF Tehnologije d.o.o. Kroatien

logo_WWT-HR_kleinTo follow the Eastern European demand, the Wolf Group founded a Croatian daughter in 2012. So we can react quickly and flexibly to customer demand – without give up the usual high level quality.

2013 | WOLF Precision Tools India Pvt. Ltd.

logo_WWT-IN_kleinIn 2013 the WOLF group has established one more company in Bangalore, India.

2014 | WOLF Tool Technology (China) co., Ltd

logo_WWT_kleinIn 2014 the WOLF group has established one more company in Taicang, China.

2016 | Takeover of WOLF Holding GmbH & Co. KG by the Shanghai Wu Fu Investment Management Co. , Ltd

In September 2016, the Shanghai Wu Fu Investment Management Co., Ltd takes over the WOLF Holding GmbH & Co. KG.

2018 | The WOLF coating technology GmbH takes over the company EITEC, society for metallic hard material coating mbH & CO. KG in Bochum

The Bochum location, as another WOLF coating center, is expanding our coating portfolio.
h3>2018 | Fusion of the WOLF Beschichtungstechnologie GmbH and the WOLF Formen- und Werkzeugbau GmbH

WOLF Coating Technology GmbH and WOLF Molds & Parts GmbH will operate since the 01.09.2018 unter the new name: WOLF coating & parts GmbH