img-wwt-hochleistungsbohrerThe WOLF performance spectrum in the drill / step drill program applies

  • Special designed drill
  • Step drills
  • high performance drills
  • With different points according material treatment with spiral as well as straight flutes availably.

    Multiple step drills

    img-wwt-mehrstufenbohrerPerfectly adapted in order to save process steps. Thereby a cheaper and faster manufacturing which provides an increase of productivity.

    Multiple lip drills

    img-wwt-mehrlippenbohrerAlso available as step drills. Very interesting from economic sight, because even after many reconditioning steps the quality is constant.

    X Point drill

    Especially developed for the aircraft manufacturing in order to the treatment of machining CFRP sandwich materials and other stacks.


    Materials to machine with above mentioned tools are

    • Steel
    • Cast iron
    • Titanium
    • CFRP
    • Glass fiber
    • Aluminium
    • Inconel
    • High-grade steel
    • Alloys
    • modern alloys