Tool production at WOLF

img-sonderwerkzeuge-1Production of any type of carbide cutting tools as for example high performance drills, milling cutters for HPC, HSC hard machining.

We supply customers in the automotive- and automotive supplier industry as well as the aircraft manufacturing and power station manufacturing (turbine production).

Our big experience in the production of tools for the hydraulic- and pneumatics manufacturing complete our special competence.

Special designed tools

Special designed drill/Step drillsSpecial designed mills/countersinkDrilling reamersStep reamers
Profile milling cuttersNovoSys X® – Changeable head milling systemEdge Preparation

Your advantages

  • The highest run out accuracy due to special machines and chuck systems
  • Best surface quality
  • Optimal choice of the carbide grade and PVD coating, due to many years of experience
  • Very short lead times
  • Process monitoring and documentation including certificate of measuring
  • With the assistance of Cyber-Grinding software, your tools are already designed and simulated before manufacturing as a 3D-model and are checked for realization