New special designed tools for honeycomb applications (Light weight materials)

For actually three different used honeycomb materials
» we need 3 strategies of machining.

Tools for each of this materials are successfully developed by the WOLF engineers.
The operational areas of WOLF tools have been established in the processing of the following materials:

  • Nomex standard / Honeycomb standard
  • Prepreg / prepreg with aluminium Honeycomb special
  • Carbon kevlar / Honeycomb new special

Applications for WOLF tools in the honeycomb segment

  • Ship – and railway construction: Inner cladding such as partitions, floors, roof structures, ceilings, complete lightweight furniture such as tables and cabinets.
  • Racing: Linings of body parts
  • Aerospace: Parts of galleys in aircraft, Trim panels with integral cable ducts, helicopter rotors, Wings of airplanes
  • Wind energy industry: Rotors for wind turbines, Cladding of turbine nacelles

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