Prototype moulds

We are specialized in building of prototypes moulds for plastic parts.
Our customers appreciate our special service of producing parts close to series in short time with the correct plastic material.
These parts also allow the realization of conclusive samples and tests. In a lot of cases even the first series can be started with them and the gained knowledge of the parts then flows into the series production of the tool.

Your advantages

  • Quickly get optimal parts. Two component plastic parts are possible also!!
  • Only expenses for the tools application and the construction
  • You get directly finished parts which we automatically produce with the test off of the moulds
  • Series manufacturing can start, even if the series moulds are not finished yet
  • Automation facilities can be optimally adjusted from the start, to make sure the function is in order at the beginning of series manufacturing. So our customer can strongly reduce the costs of installing and training with the unique concept of our prototype mould system.

Important for you to know

We already support you actively in the construction phase, be it tooling or design.

Thereby you get functional, reasonablly priced parts.