Plastic moulds

In our mould and tool enterprise we guarantee our customers the highest quality, also with high demands. We build single-component doublecomponent, multi-cavity, multi-floor and exchange moulds for our customers.
Customers of the WOLF mould and tool building enterprise can always rely on a competent partner and short production ways. Of course we also realize the required design of the moulds.

Your advantages

  • Project supports in one hand, from the prototype mould the experience integrate into the series mould give automatically a stability of the manufacturing process
  • Thanks to machines run optimization, modern manufacturing framework and high precision HSC machining you get an high level of flexibility
  • The synergetic effects within the WOLF group also have a positive effect on mould building, by using our own PVD coating possibilities and the production of specially designed cutting tools such as specially designed mills or special drills provided in our own house without delay.